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Let’s Start Wikipedia Page Creation Journey Today!

Writing a Wikipedia biography sounds daunting. It is, until you are not familiar with what Wikipedia is. If you want to know How to create a Wikipedia biography page, so keep reading it.

We all know that information is one of the most imperative needs of human life. That is why Wikipedia came into being to provide authentic and resourceful knowledge to its readers. Here you can read any kind of information freely. You don’t need to get subscriptions like another encyclopedia.

Today, Wikipedia is identified as the world’s largest and most user-generated platform. It secured a position in the list of top 5 most viewed websites in the world. Due to its easy accessibility, it has proved itself as one of the best online encyclopedias.

However, if you compare it with other typical encyclopedias, the content is not restricted to specific researchers and writers. Anyone at any time can access Wikipedia to create legitimate and verifiable content and become part of a global informative medium.

The major reason for the ultimate success and likeability of Wikipedia is its language options. It let people create their biography page in 304 languages.

Another reason for using this free-encyclopedia is it gives feasibility in accessing information with or without a Wikipedia account. The thing that makes Wikipedia more interesting is; that it never compromises on content quality, legitimacy, and authenticity. It sets a rigid set of guidelines that everyone needs to follow.

If you are curious about “can I write a Wikipedia biography page?” So yes, you can do it. Below you can read the steps to create a Wikipedia biography.

Steps To Create a Wikipedia Biography Page

In order to create a Wikipedia biography page, you have to check its list of policies and guidelines. It will let you make worthy and unique content. Not only this, you can become familiar with what process is ethical for Wikipedia and which type of information is valid to add to the biography page.

For a descriptive answer, there are some steps you should follow;

  • Step #1 – Create Wikipedia Account
  • Step #2 – Build Positive Reputation as Autoconfirmed User
  • Step #3 – Choose Exclusive Article Title
  • Step #4 – Find Out “If the Proposed Title Is Already Available”
  • Step #5 – Read Content Creation Guidelines
  • Step #6 – Write Content for Biography Page
  • Step #7 – Review the Whole Content
  • Step #8 – Time to Submit & Wait for Approval
  • Step #9 – Keep Maintaining

Step #1 Create Wikipedia Account

First thing first, without registering on any website, you are allowed to get access to its special features. That is why creating about on is imperative. For instance, if you want to travel to Canada, what do you need? A passport and visa to get travel. Similarly, your Wikipedia biography page first needs an account to get access to the hub of information and then start your page creation journey.

Once you are registered, then you are allowed to take another step. However, the account registration process is pretty easy, compared to page creation. To have your account on Wikipedia, what you need to do;

  • Open the official Wikipedia site
  • Choose your native language (prefers to use English)
  • Click on create an account option
  • Fill the form with personal details
  • Add email address for confirmation
  • Set relevant user name or password
  • Then log into your account

Step #2 Build Positive Reputation as Autoconfirmed User

Once you get your account on Wikipedia, it is now time where you build a positive reputation. If you wondered how, you need to become an autoconfirmed user by doing some reputable and legit edits on outdated information.

You have to show your existence to Wikipedia authorities and reveal that you can create a Biography page on Wikipedia. You only need to build your notability and credibility by doing at least 10 credible edits and having a 4 days older account. It is the easiest way to build a positive reputation.

Step #3 Choose Exclusive Article Title

Your article title means the topic must be unique, so you can gain the limelight for a longer period. Your topic needs to be only one of its kind that easily garners the attention of your targeted readers. Make sure it is not already covered on Wikipedia by others. It must be something that is out of the box that makes you distinctive among clutters.

Step #4 Find Out “If the Proposed Title Is Already Available”

When you find out your topic name, you should be asked for the availability of your chosen title through the red-link. You have to search for your title in the search box, if it appears in red color on your screen, it means you are allowed to make a Biography page with it.

Step #5 Read Content Creation Guidelines

Creating a biography page on Wikipedia means there are several heaps and bound, you need to take into consideration. So before delving into the wiki page creation process, you have to read its core content creation policies, behavioral guidelines, style & formatting guidelines, and many more.

Reading its policies and guidelines helps you to create enthralling and legit content that its readers will love and get approved by its community. You even know the dos and don’ts of Wikipedia, so you can create compelling and seamless pages easily.

Step #6 Write Content for Biography Page

The crucial step for a biography Wikipedia page is content creation. For this, there are two options a wiki page creator has to choose from. Whether they write an article directly on “Article wizard” or choose “Sandbox.” If you are a beginner, then sandbox is a perfect place where you start from.

For the Biography page, there are some features you must accommodate in your content. You also need to follow the Wikipedia biography template to get an immaculate page.

  1. Discuss early life
  2. Life description
  3. Marital status & children
  4. Academic records
  5. Awards & accomplishment
  6. Philosophical views
  7. Bibliography & references

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Step #7 Review the Whole Content

When you write a Wikipedia biography page, you need to create a draft first, before reviewing it. Sometimes it happens, people forget to write important things in their articles. So, before proofing, you have to list down every single point that comes to your mind. It accesses you to check your mistakes and content errors. From content structure to resources, verify everything. If you find any flaws, correct them straight away to give a final look to your content.

Step #8 Time to Submit & Wait for Approval

Last but not least, another step is content submission. Once you thoroughly perform every step, you have to submit it to the Wikipedia community. Send your articles and then wait for acceptance. However, there are thousands of wiki biography page requests, which is why it takes three to six months for approval.

Step #9 Keep Maintaining

When your page is created and gets approval, your responsibility isn't over. You should maintain it time to time to remove any illicit information. If you want to gain more traffic, then keep your page updated with fresh & legitimate information.

Can You Write Your Own Biography on Wikipedia?

As per Wikipedia policies, everybody can write or edit a Wikipedia page. But if you want to create your own biography page, choose a third party to get an immaculate page that is free from conflict of interest and any biased information.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to make sure there is another article on the topic you are creating. It could be under a different name, so search for it and take its review under the article title. If the article’s topic cannot be changed you can for an alternative article titling policy. This process can help you in clarifying the complexities of How To Get A Wikipedia Page Approved.

The timeframe to get a Wikipedia page approved is around 3 to 5 months. The Wikipedia page approval process takes a little as there are thousands of entries every day. The Wikipedia article is looked after by editors and they make changes, if there are further changes required, they return it with a review.

How Long Does It Take For Wikipedia To Approve An Edit

Editing is an integral part of getting a Wikipedia page approved. The applicants desire for a Wikipedia page to get approved so it can be published. Editing is mostly looked after by contributors known as Wikipedians.

Each Wikipedia editor brings different things to the table surrounded by their distinct skills ranging from technical expertise and bringing new insights from different angles to making improvements in the content.

But first, it depends on how you are editing it. To edit, it does not take weeks or months. Typically, Wikipedia replies to edit in 3 to 5 months. Here are some important points that help in making an editor’s job easier and hearing back from them quickly.

  1. Write content in a completely unbiased tone and make sure there are no promotional elements in it.
  2. Always search and add verifiable sources, the references are essential in Wikipedia page approval. Hence, keep a strict check on sources.
  3. Try to follow and incorporate all the core content policies, it can make content readable and Wikipedia worthy. The content policies are a neutral point of view, verifiability, and no original search.
  4. Always check and make sure there is no conflict of interest as it can damage the reputation of the article. Furthermore, vandalism should also be avoided in order to maintain civility and increase the chances of Wikipedia page approval.
  5. Add all the references but make sure they are all cited properly, citation is a significant part of getting Wikipedia approved. Remember to add sources with inline citations.

After following every Wikipedia guideline and policy, now it is time to leave things to Wikipedia. Editing is also similar to getting a Wikipedia page and it takes about 5 to 8 hours. The long time is because sometimes poorly written articles take time to improve and require a certain edits before making it to the platform.